How can an 11-year-old business offer a 12-Year Warranty?

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If you’re a professional in the lighting industry, you’re probably familiar with warranties that range from 3 to 10 years, with extensions available on special request or at additional cost. At Acrospire, where we’re proud to be different, we offer a market-leading simple 12-year warranty, as standard, on all of our products.

Why such a long warranty? 

We understand that our clients want to invest in high-quality luminaires that will stand the test of time. Our warranty is our promise of quality and our long-term commitment to providing a point of contact that you can turn to if anything ever does go wrong.

In this article, we’ll explain how we can offer such a warranty and why it matters to us.

A Commitment to Education

At Acrospire, education is key to improving the quality of our products. We engage with our supply chain to learn about new technologies and actively participate in industry events and industry bodies, such as the ILP and the HEA. We continually listen to our clients and contractors to give them what they need – through research, development and, wherever required, improving our products.

Tight Control on Quality

We focus on our customers not our competition. We manufacture our products in the UK: with the exception of our solar products, our supply chain is within a 60-mile radius of our factory in Basingstoke: to maintain greater control over quality. We also make sure that our warranty terms are easy to understand, and are easily accessible, with no complicated language to hide behind.

Speed is Key

Speed of response is crucial when it comes to resolving warranty issues. If we’ve made a mistake, we own it, get to the root cause, and fix it as quickly as possible. We believe in timely communication with our customers and making the resolution process quick and easy.

Test and Test Again

We believe in independent testing and certification. Our new product development is in line with ISO 9001. Many of our products hold ENEC Certification. To meet the requirements of ENEC we also send random product samples for third party safety testing. And, we conduct third-party testing to ensure consistency. We test every lantern individually using a 3-point process and maintain records for ten years. We have individual quality stamps that trace back to the assembler and tester, and our engineers sign off on every batch. We regularly test sub-contractor processes to ensure quality. Our factory is also independently inspected and audited annually to ensure compliance with processes. 

Quality by Design

Our product design is another key factor in our ability to offer a 12-year warranty. We value engineer rather than cost cut, never compromising on quality. We stick to our processes and engage with our supply chain to ensure that every product meets our high standards. We back up our products with back-to-back warranties and prototype and test every product thoroughly.

Our Commitment to You

At Acrospire, a warranty is more than an aftersales issue. Our commitment to our warranty extends to every employee at Acrospire. We ensure that everyone is aware of our warranty terms and train all employees from the moment they become part of the team. We understand that warranty resolution is just as important as making a sale, and we owe it to our customers to give them peace of mind.

See for Yourself

Whether you’re buying heritage, solar, or handrail lighting from us, you can rest assured that you will receive a 12-year warranty. We invite you to download a sample of our warranty here to see for yourself.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help with your outdoor lighting needs.






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