As part of our ongoing commitment to creating industry-leading products and providing best-in-class service, we regularly submit a number of our luminaires for ENEC certification.

What is ENEC Certification

Since 1992, the ENEC mark (European Norms Electrical Certification) has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence for electrical products across Europe.

ENEC certification demonstrates that a product is compliant with all relevant European standards (ENs), with a primary emphasis on safety.

Unlike the mandatory CE mark*, which is often self-declared by manufacturers or importers, ENEC is a voluntary certification that can only be granted by independent testing laboratories, following rigorous testing.

It serves as a reliable indicator of compliance with essential safety directives, and assurance that the product has undergone thorough evaluation and meets the highest standards for safety and performance.

*It’s important to note that a CE marking does not show that products have been approved as safe by the European Union or any other authority. Instead, it simply represents a declaration by the manufacturer or importer that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European Directives.

Why use ENEC certified lighting?

In one word – confidence.

Using ENEC-certified luminaires helps to guarantee the safety and quality of your purchase. It’s reassuring to know that a lantern has been independently tested and that the manufacturer has committed to a process of continuous quality assurance: ENEC-certified luminaires have to be re-tested every two years to ensure their continued compliance.

At Acrospire, we additionally undertake ongoing quality assurance of products and production processes, applying our ISO9001 quality management system, which includes an annual factory inspection.

A selection of our ENEC-certified lighting

  • black heritage lantern


  • conical heritage lantern


  • heritage road light

    Large Birkdale

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