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A guide to illuminated bollards

Illuminated bollards serve a multifaceted purpose, making them a valuable addition to outdoor spaces for several reasons. Understated, underestimated, yet impactful, bollards aren’t just about looks—they’re practical too. Let’s explore why these unassuming heroes are a game-changer for any outdoor space. 

Typically one metre in height, illuminated bollards are an effective solution for illuminating walkways, car parks, building perimeters, and highlighting site features without the need for, or as is more often the case, complementary to street lighting columns. Widely employed in areas of outstanding natural beauty, schools, retirement homes, and urban spaces, bollards also offer the added advantage of contributing a distinctive design signature to your project. 

In this piece, we delve into the essential aspects of illuminated bollard lighting with our five Ps for optimal results: 

1. Purpose 

Define the role your illuminated bollards play in your scheme. Are they intended to evoke a sense of safety and comfort, guide individuals to a destination, or illuminate a specific feature? This determination will shape various specifications, ranging from optics to output. For instance, a bollard along a solitary walkway might benefit from asymmetric optics to guide pedestrians, while a 360-degree lighting solution could be preferable between a car park and a walkway. 

2. Placement 

Prioritise safety in the placement of bollards, ensuring they contribute to pedestrian safety without causing obstruction. Strategically space the bollards, typically 10 to 12 metres apart. Design considerations play a crucial role in achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality when it comes to illuminated bollards. Avoid hot spots on the ground, consider obstacles, and ensure safety are all part of the thought process. 

3. Protecting Your Environment 

Environmental factors, including wildlife, dark skies, and residential proximity, are integral considerations in modern lighting schemes. When devising your lighting design, focus on achieving optimal distribution and uniformity, minimising light spill and glare, and selecting an appropriate colour temperature. Our latest range offers Colour Correlated Temperature (CCT) options from 2200K to 4000K, addressing various dark sky considerations. 

4. Panache – Add Some Style 

Beyond functional illumination, bollards and low-level lighting are especially noticeable and can set the tone for a site’s aesthetics. Choosing the right bollard can be a minefield. Therefore, our expert team will guide you through various optics to ensure you get the right option to blend with your scheme. From minimalist designs to stylish features, our new range has it all! 

5. Preservation 

Ensuring the longevity of your luminaires is paramount and often overlooked. Choosing an appropriate Ingress Protection (IK) rating is essential for vandal resistance. Regular cleaning and testing of your fittings play a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of failures, preventing the degradation of light quality, and maintaining the fresh appearance of your scheme for years to come. 

Now that we’ve shed light on the art of illuminated bollard lighting, it’s time to explore our range. Illuminate your spaces with purpose, safety, and style. Visit our collection of bollards to discover the perfect fit for your project.