Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional mains-powered lighting.

We are the sole UK distributors for Green Frog Systems, pioneers in solar-powered technology, who we work with to provide the award-winning solar street lighting solutions you can see below. Our UK-optimised solar lanterns and solar street lights offer a variety of features such as PIR motion sensors, remote monitoring, and adaptive lighting.


contemporary solar lighting

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scalable modular solar street lighting

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solar light for schemes that require multiple solar panels


workhorse all-in-one solar lantern

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solar street light


a lighting designer’s dream

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Solar street light which P lighting classes

Why you should consider solar street lighting?

Switching to solar street lighting can reduce energy costs, and lower carbon emissions; helping you to reach your Net Zero goals, and improve the safety and visibility of streets and pedestrian areas in areas without mains power.

Who benefits from solar lighting?


Those who need a quick-fix lighting solution
Solar lighting can be installed as a temporary (or permanent) lighting solution for schemes without electricity: knock-downs, event lighting, parks or pathways where you are awaiting mains connection or where trenching costs have been cost-prohibitive

We can provide full installation and maintenance services for your solar street lighting solution. Our team of experts will work with you to design a customised scheme that meets your lighting requirements and budget.

Those looking for quick pay-backs
Yes, solar lighting can be more expensive initially, but taking into account trenching and today’s astronomical electricity costs, they pay for themselves incredibly quickly – making them a sound environmentally friendly investment. Light with no ongoing costs.

We offer a range of resources in the UK to help you make the switch to solar street lighting, including free solar viability assessments. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance throughout the installation and maintenance process.

Our story

When The Light Went On

The idea for Acrospire was formed in 2012 when founder Tim envisioned a different kind of lighting manufacturer: one that would not only deliver outstanding customer experiences but also prioritise fair treatment for its employees.

We’ve come a long way

Working from any nook and cranny we could find

Motivated by the belief the industry wanted and needed better, Tim shared his plan to establish his own venture with Hatty, who simply couldn't let him do it alone.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Protecting local jobs and ensuring the best quality possible.

The products sold should, where possible be manufactured here in the UK

Working from a rented office by day and assembling lanterns in a garage at night, Tim and Hatty set to work.

11 Years later

and a lot has changed

Acrospire now inhabits a 14000² ft manufacturing facility in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We’re a proud partner of the Made in Britain scheme, ISO9001 certified and a member of all relevant lighting industry trade bodies.

We've built a reputation to be proud of

Along with great relationships with our customers and a great team! We've attracted some of the most experienced members of the lighting industry, all by following one golden rule.

A simple ethos

Creating work to be proud of

That runs through all that we do. Customers who have made the switch to Acrospire have found working with us to be a breath of fresh air.

Market leading warranty

If you’re a professional in the lighting industry, you’re probably familiar with warranties that range from 3 to 10 years, with extensions available on special request or at additional cost. At Acrospire, where we’re proud to be different, we offer a market-leading simple 12-year warranty, as standard.

Tight Control on Quality

We focus on our customers not our competition. We manufacture our products in the UK: with the exception of our solar products, our supply chain is within a 60-mile radius of our factory in Basingstoke: to maintain greater control over quality. We al

Speed is key

Speed of response is crucial when it comes to resolving warranty issues. If we’ve made a mistake, we own it, get to the root cause, and fix it as quickly as possible. We believe in timely communication with our customers and making the resolution pro

Test and Test Again

We believe in independent testing and certification. Our new product development is in line with ISO 9001. Many of our products hold ENEC Certification. To meet the requirements of ENEC we also send random product samples for third party safety testi

Quality by design

Our product design is another key factor in our ability to offer a 12-year warranty. We value engineer rather than cost cut, never compromising on quality. We stick to our processes and engage with our supply chain to ensure that every product meets