Hackney Wick Footbridge

Hackney Wick, with its rich industrial heritage dating back to the 13th century, has played a significant role in East London’s history. Notable industrial milestones in the area include the pioneering use of the word ‘petrol’ and the production of Matchbox toys. However, as the industry grew, social challenges arose, with the area experiencing a rise in jerry-built housing and a decline.

Over the years, local authorities undertook initiatives to improve living conditions in the area, including opening public baths, a library, and clearing slums to construct modern housing developments. Recently, it has seen ongoing regeneration, with the proximity of the Olympic Park enhancing its appeal.

A local footbridge stretching across the A12, a vital pedestrian pathway, was previously illuminated with LED linear handrail lighting. Over time, several LEDs in different modules had failed, causing a significant reduction in lighting levels. This created a potentially dangerous situation for pedestrians using the footbridge.

We were approached by the Tower Hamlets council, which was seeking a prompt and effective solution to address the lighting issues on the footbridge. We took on the challenge with a sense of urgency. We completed the project within an impressive six-week timeframe from initial contact to supply, demonstrating our commitment to solving the problem swiftly.

Brief &

  • Provide a retrofit solution to restore adequate lighting to the Hackney Wick footbridge
  • Complete the project quickly and efficiently using the existing wiring infrastructure to minimise disruptions and enhance pedestrian safety
illuminated LED handrail in Hackney Wick over the A12


This project was ideal for our InsertLED to achieve uniform lighting on the bridge deck. This cost-effective and quick-to-install handrail lighting solution was integrated into the existing handrails and infrastructure, reinvigorating the lighting on the footbridge. The InsertLED provided a reliable, efficient, and visually appealing lighting solution (3000K CCT), ensuring the safety and security of pedestrians.

The even and uniform lighting not only improves visibility but also creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Jason Minette, Lighting Engineer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, adds, “The transformation of the footbridge’s lighting by Acrospire has been remarkable. The new installation has given new life to the footbridge handrail, spreading an even, warm glow of light across the entire span.

This not only enhances the bridge’s aesthetics but, more importantly, makes a significant difference in how users experience safety as they cross this bustling intersection.

As we strive to make our urban spaces safer and more aesthetically pleasing, Acrospire’s work on the footbridge stands out as a great example. It has truly breathed new life into this important pedestrian pathway. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

we were delighted to breathe new life and light into this otherwise sound installation. Following circular economy principles, we reused as many components as possible, limiting the use of resources while increasing the sense of security for users.

Tim Barker, Managing Director, Acrospire