Victoria Park

Energy-efficient restoration of heritage lighting at Britain’s oldest public park

Tower Hamlets Council faced a dilemma when their historic Victoria Park needed lighting repairs: move to modern LED technology for energy savings or retain the heritage aesthetic of the old lighting design. They turned to heritage lighting restoration specialist Acrospire for a solution to achieve both objectives. 

Victoria Park, affectionately known as “Vicky Park,” is a true gem in the heart of Tower Hamlets. As Britain’s oldest public park, it has been a beloved destination for over 170 years. With over 9 million visitors annually, it is easy to see why this park is so popular. Not only is it a beautiful green space, but it has also received numerous awards for its upkeep. The park holds both Green Flag and Green Heritage awards, as well as gold medals in the London in Bloom “Heritage Park” and “Large Park” categories. 

Due to years of wear and tear, the park’s entrance lighting desperately needed restoration. Faced with growing pressures of energy price increases, Tower Hamlets Council were looking for an energy-efficient LED upgrade but also recognised the importance of preserving the park’s heritage aesthetic to maintain its charm. 

Brief &

  • Upgrade lighting to new LED technology
  • Reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills
  • Retain heritage aesthetic


Our restoration of Victoria Park’s heritage lighting was an exciting and challenging project that demonstrated our ability to renovate and refurbish heritage lanterns while realising the energy savings of LED technology and maintaining the lantern’s aesthetics in daylight hours.

The luminaires, which were plinth-mounted ornate globe-style lanterns, were specifically designed to complement the park’s architectural entrances and invite pedestrian traffic to walk through it.

Our team of experts meticulously restored the lanterns by conducting a full strip down, repair, and repaint to ensure they met the high standards of Tower Hamlets Council and residents. Acrospire also tooled and sourced the custom globe, which was an important component of the overall aesthetic design. The products were factory tested to prove energy saving and glare reduction.

Tim Barker, Managing Director of Acrospire, explained the intricate details of the project, saying, “Our team took great care in restoring the heritage lanterns at Victoria Park. We ensured that every aspect of the refurbishment, from the strip down to the final paint job, met the high standards set by the council. The custom globe was an important component of the overall design, we sourced and manufactured it with due diligence.”

The completed scheme delivered a 50% energy saving for the council, which was an impressive achievement and will ensure visitors can continue enjoying the park’s beauty for years.

Acrospire did an amazing job restoring the heritage lanterns at Victoria Park. They delivered a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution that has transformed the lighting at the park's entrances. We are very happy with the results, and the public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jason Minette, Lighting Engineer, London Borough Tower Hamlets