breathe new life (and light) into otherwise sound installations

Most handrail lighting solutions come as a complete package (handrail and light) – which is OK if you’re working on a completely new project. But what if you have an existing handrail or balustrade you need to retrofit light into?

While we can also manufacture a complete solution, including handrail, Raillight was really designed as a cost-effective and quick-to-install solution for bridge and staircase lighting schemes that have already been installed.

illuminated handrail lighting for AONB in Strateford-Upon-Avon


small but mighty

A cost-effective and quick-to-install illuminated handrail for footbridges and staircase lighting schemes.

Available with multiple lens options, Raillight is an engineered solution offering market-leading performance and unparalleled flexibility. UK designed and manufactured.


Product specifications

  1. Warranty
    8 years

  2. Certification

  3. IP Rating

  4. IK Rating

  5. Mounting
    M16 Thread

  6. Applications
    Cycle path bridge


  1. Colour Temperature (Kelvin)
    CRI 90: 2700K-4000K, CRI 80: 2500K, 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, CRI 70: 3000K-6500K, Monochrome: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, RGB

  2. L90 Lifetime Estimate (Hours)

Power and Controls

  1. Surge Protection
    10kV (Standard)

Mechanical and Installation

  1. Materials
    316 Stainless Steel
    Options: Aluminium, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze

  2. Operating Temperature
    -20°C to '+50°C

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