Who remembers the Lux Awards? An independent panel of judges, consisting of experienced lighting professionals, designers, and end users, awarded Stealth Winner of the ‘Exterior Luminaire of the Year’ category in 2020.

Lux Award winning contemporary solar lantern Stealth


with hidden solar panel

Challenging traditional aesthetics, Stealth’s design was described as “a step change in all-in-one solar luminaires” but the Lux Award Judges in 2020.

With a contemporary design and hidden solar panel, many will not immediately identify it as a solar lantern, making it the perfect choice for schemes where you need the benefits of an off-grid lighting solution but would prefer not to see the panels.


Product specifications

  1. Warranty
    5 years

  2. Certification

  3. IP Rating

  4. IK Rating

  5. Mounting Height
    4 - 6m

  6. Applications
    Campuses, Parks, Footpaths


  1. Lumen Range (Lumens)

  2. Output Power (Watts)

  3. LED Quantity

  4. Colour Temperature (Kelvin)
    3000K or 4000K

  5. L90 Lifetime Estimate (Hours)

Power and Controls

  1. Controls
    In-built photocell control
    SAM (Smart Asset Management) Ready

Mechanical and Installation

  1. Materials
    Cast Aluminium

  2. Finish
    Polyester powder coat

  3. Colour

  4. Operating Temperature
    -20°C to '+70°C

Solar Panel

  1. Panel size
    50 Watt

  2. Panel type

  3. Panel efficiency


  1. Capacity
    409 Watt Hour

  2. Battery technology
    Lithium Phosphate with Advanced Cell Balancing Technology

  3. Battery Autonomy
    5 Nights (60 Hours @ 5W)

Solar Charge Controller

  1. UC - PIR
    PIR with repeat trigger feature

  2. Detection Range
    360º detection range from 6m / 20FT on 6m pole

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