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Aeromax builds upon the success of our popular Defender solar luminaire to offer scalable solar lighting. Simple to install, whether your project is off-grid or you’re looking for a sustainable product that will save you money in the face of extortionate energy price increases, Aeromax is quite possibly the last solar light you’ll ever need.

Solar street light which P lighting classes


with market-leading autonomy

Aeromax, from partner Green Frog Systems, is a modular P Class solar lighting solution that can go all night. Capable of harvesting and storing power which can be used for a whole host of equipment, including CCTV and Smart City devices, the Aeromax can be twin-mounted to double the solar harvest panel capacity allowing extended operation of over 15 days autonomy (without need for additional charge from the sun).

Product specifications

  1. Warranty
    10 years

  2. Certification

  3. IP Rating

  4. IK Rating

  5. Mounting Height
    up to 12 metres

  6. Mounting
    Side entry spigot pole mount: 60mm

  7. Tilt/Inclination
    -90° to '90°

  8. Applications
    Residential roads
    Town centres


  1. Lumen Range (Lumens)

  2. Output Power (Watts)

  3. Colour Temperature (Kelvin)
    2700K, 3000K, or 4000K

  4. L90 Lifetime Estimate (Hours)

Power and Controls

  1. Controls
    Fully programmable battery management and light output
    In built photocell control
    SAM (Smart Asset Management) Ready

Mechanical and Installation

  1. Materials
    Cast Aluminium and Aluminium fabrication

  2. Finish
    Polyester powder coat

  3. Colour

  4. Operating Temperature
    -20°C to '+60°C

Solar Panel

  1. Panel size
    110W or 220W

  2. Panel type

  3. Panel efficiency


  1. Capacity
    Aeromax 1 460.8 Watt Hours, Aeromax 2 921.6 Watt Hours, Aeromax 3 1382.4 Watt Hours

  2. Battery technology
    LifePo4 with advanced cell balancing technology

  3. Battery Autonomy
    30.7 to 184.3 hours

Solar Charge Controller

  1. UC - PIR
    Factory set 0/4/6/8/10/12 (16W default)

  2. Detection Range
    up to 15 Metres each way

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