solar street lighting


for demanding schemes

Meet Aspire, from partner Green Frog Systems.

The pinnacle of smart connected lighting infrastructure – recently selected to illuminate the ‘greenest’ studio in the UK, Sunset Waltham Cross Studios, Aspire is the highest quality, most technologically advanced solar light on the market today. Offering an eco-friendly, off-grid solution where traditional lighting falls short, Aspire is your partner in forging a brighter, sustainable future. For schemes that require multiple solar panels or battery arrangements, at higher column heights (to meet lighting standards), choose Aspire.


Product specifications

  1. Warranty
    5 years

  2. Certification

  3. IP Rating

  4. IK Rating

  5. Mounting Height
    6 - 10m

  6. Applications
    Road lighting
    Car park lighting


  1. Lumen Range (Lumens)

  2. Output Power (Watts)

  3. LED Quantity

  4. Colour Temperature (Kelvin)
    3000K or 4000K (standard)

  5. L90 Lifetime Estimate (Hours)

Power and Controls

  1. Controls
    In built photocell control
    SAM (Smart Asset Management) Ready

Mechanical and Installation

  1. Materials
    Cast Aluminium and Aluminium fabrication

  2. Finish
    Polyester powder coat

  3. Colour

  4. Operating Temperature
    -20°C to '+70°C

Solar Panel

  1. Panel size
    225W – 675W

  2. Panel type

  3. Panel efficiency


  1. Capacity
    1,474 Watt Hour

  2. Battery technology
    Lithium Phosphate

  3. Battery Autonomy
    5 Nights (60 Hours @ 30W)

Solar Charge Controller

  1. UC - PIR
    PIR with repeat trigger feature

  2. Detection Range
    360º detection range from 6m / 20FT on 6m column / 20FT on 20FT column

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