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Three sustainable approaches to park lighting

In June 2020, The Parks Alliance (TPA) issued a compelling report titled ‘Making Parks Count,’ advocating for recognising parks as invaluable assets contributing to health, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. Despite their immense benefits, parks have long needed more funding, leading to inequalities in access and maintenance. However, with recent budget allocations for park upgrades, there’s a prime opportunity to reimagine and enhance these essential community spaces. As a leader in sustainable lighting solutions, we look forward to contributing to this transformative initiative.

The vital role of parks and lighting

Parks are not just recreational areas but vital contributors to mental well-being, public health, and environmental sustainability. London’s parks alone are estimated to save over £370 million in mental health-related costs each year, and the value of carbon sequestration by trees in public parks in England is estimated at £9 million per year. However, to fully realise their potential, parks must be viewed as natural assets and essential infrastructure, emphasising their economic, social, and environmental significance. Integral to this paradigm shift is the role of lighting, which can be used to enhance the safety, attractiveness, and utilisation of urban spaces.

Here, we consider three sustainable approaches to lighting Parks and Recreational spaces: 

1: LED upgrades for enhanced safety and efficiency:

Investing in LED lighting upgrades presents a sustainable solution to enhance park safety and efficiency. LED lights not only provide brighter illumination, deter crime, and increase perceived safety but also offer significant energy savings, better or increased control and longevity. By strategically implementing LED luminaires tailored to specific park areas, such as pathways, playgrounds, and car parks, we can ensure a holistic design approach that optimises both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

2: Restoration and refurbishment for heritage preservation:

The Historic England ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England’, established in 1983, currently identifies over 1,600 sites assessed to be of particular significance. Here, the role of lighting is to preserve character and heritage and improve visual appeal and safety in an energy-efficient manner.

For parks boasting historical significance, restoration and refurbishment offer a tailored approach to lighting that respects heritage while enhancing visual appeal and safety. Our expertise in salvaging and retrofitting existing lighting systems ensures a seamless transition to energy-efficient LED solutions, preserving the park’s character and contributing to the circular economy.

Case in point: The Victoria Park Restoration Project

Highlighting the success of LED technology in historic settings, our restoration of London’s Victoria Park entrance lighting exemplifies the synergy between heritage preservation and energy efficiency. By seamlessly integrating modern LED technology while preserving the park’s historic aesthetic, we achieved both sustainability goals and heritage conservation, setting a precedent for future park lighting projects. Read the full case study.

3: Solar lighting for off-the-grid locations:

Solar-powered off-grid solutions provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative in parks lacking traditional lighting infrastructure. By harnessing renewable energy from the sun, solar lights offer instant illumination without the need for costly trenching or cabling. Our solar lighting initiatives, such as the Prospect Park project with Tower Hamlets Council, demonstrate the efficacy of this approach in enhancing public safety and accessibility. Learn how our Defender 55 solar grid-free streetlights were the ideal solution for Tower Hamlets Council’s lighting objectives.

As communities recognise the multifaceted benefits of parks and recreation grounds, the demand for sustainable lighting solutions becomes increasingly paramount. Our expertise in LED upgrades, restoration, and solar lighting positions us as a partner of choice for park enhancement initiatives. Whether reviving historic landmarks or implementing innovative off-grid solutions, we remain committed to illuminating green spaces for the betterment of communities. 

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